Friday, April 3, 2009

I Want That! The Verizon Hub

Last night I saw the commercial for the Verizon hub. Love it! Want it!

It's got all the features of a conventional land line phone and a touch screen phone and is being called the land-line slayer by some.

The phone allows you to send unlimited text, picture and video messages to other Verizon customers. You can easily watch trailers find show times and buy movie tickets via its touch screen interface. Naturally the Verizon Hub has access to V Cast, Verizon's 3G network that delivers audio, video and entertainment content to Verizon users. You can check traffic conditions customized to your locale. With Chaperon you can track your kids' wireless phones on a Google-styled map. And like pretty much every Verizon phone you can keep contacts and calender events close at hand and customize the display.

The Verizon Hub goes for $199.99 (after $50 online discout) with two year contract and monthly access is $34.99. Accessories include additional wireless handsets for $79.99 and the Verizon home router for $69.99 that allows you to easily connect your phone with your computer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Windows 7 hates me!

I'm trying desperately to figure out why windows 7 keeps crashing with my graphics intensive programs (namely Second Life).

Just tried running second life. It ran for about two minutes, longer than it's run for months! But then if froze. Something about nvidia's driver kernel freezing or resetting came up. I'm gonna try it again.

Nope still froze. Dad says it may be time for a new video card.

If anyone has any recommendations on what to do please let me know! Thanks.